Restructuring & Insolvency

Personal Insolvency & Debt Advisory


Our vast experience in dealing with debt management whether at a personal debt or corporate level provides clients with access to a team of professionals who can identify the most appropriate solution for their individual circumstances.

Examples include individuals who have provided personal guarantees to a company, overstretched themselves in their personal property investments, or who are dealing with the financial fallout from a marital breakdown.

Whatever the situation, we undertake a detailed evaluation process of:​

  • Your current financial position including all assets and liabilities

  • Creditors willingness to restructure debts and negotiate settlements

  • Your personal lifestyle spending that could be curtailed, leading to the preparation of a statement  of affairs and development of a realistic solution for the client. This will focus on the plan to settl existing liabilities due to banks and other creditors and create the optimum plan for you in dealing with your current liabilities and legal obligations.

Following this evaluation process we will craft a solution and represent you in your negotiations directly with your bank, or in the case of multiple creditors, under a:

Informal scheme of arrangement - This assists clients in restructuring or reducing the amount payable and may require the immediate sale of certain assets.

Formal scheme of arrangement - A court approved repayment proposal to discharge your liabilities, approved when the repayment proposals are agreed by at least 60% of the creditors. This is suitable when there is significant debt across a number of creditors.

For further information please contact Colin Keane or Conor Gallagher at (01) 9695100