Choosing The Best Online Accountant

Choosing The Best Online Accountant. Gallagher Keane Chartered Accountants.
Cloud Accounting

Choosing The Best Online Accountant

Online accounting is often referred to as cloud accounting. Online accounting is the practise of managing your business’ accounts and finances online by working remotely with your accountant. This differs from buying and using your own online accounting software because you don’t do the work yourself. Once you have an internet connection you can work with your accountant, submit information to them and have them do everything from tax to payroll. Online accountants have grown in popularity in recent years. More and more businesses are adapting to the digital era and integrating web-based solutions into their current processes is becoming a priority.  

As a business owner, an accountant can significantly help your financial needs as you grow. Ensuring you hire a reliable accountant for your business, will help save you money and time in the long run.   

Choosing an Accountant Online 

The transition to remote working has highlighted how businesses can work together in harmony, despite not being in close proximity to each other. Many businesses are opting to work fully remote or using a hybrid structure. This has given businesses more choice when it comes to the services they choose.  Working with an accountant online is no different to working with a local accountant, in today’s world.  

How to Choose the Right Online Accountant  

Choose an Accountant Regulated by a Professional Body 

In Ireland, there are four main bodies for professional accountancy qualifications: Chartered Accountants Ireland, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, and Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Choosing an accountant that is a member of one of these institutions can give you confidence they are certified by a recognised body. Gallagher Keane are members of Chartered Accountants Ireland which means we are supervised by the organisation, to ensure we provide the highest standard of accounting services. 

Is Location Important to You and Your Business  

This will depend on how you want to run your business. More and more companies are collaborating online and using cloud-based technology to manage their businesses. This means location becomes less of an issue. This allows you to choose an accountant based on the services your business requires, and you do not need to compromise based on their location.   

Research Case Studies & Current Clients  

Do research on the accounting firm to check if they have worked with similar sized businesses to yours. It is even better if they’ve worked with companies in similar market sectors to yours, as that will help them understand the unique needs of your business.   

Book an Exploratory Call  

It is important to meet with your potential business accountant to discuss how they can help your business. This will allow the accountancy firm to determine your business requirements more clearly too. Video calls such as Zoom are an easy way to discuss your business needs with a potential accountancy firm.   

Cloud Accounting Software  

Hiring an accountant that uses an accounting softwarewill be of great benefit to your business. Cloud accounting allows you to view your financial data in real-time, making it easier for you and your accountant to discuss your business.    

It is evident that in today’s world choosing an accountancy firm that has the services to help your business grow should be the main focus. Technology has allowed businesses to work with other businesses that may not be in close proximity. It is important to choose an accounting firm that is reliable, in order to help your business, reach its potential.  

Work with an Online Accountant  

If you are looking to work with an online accountant, get in touch with Gallagher Keane. We maintain our entire practise using cloud-accounting software. This helps our clients by streamlining their accounting processes and giving them accurate insight into their business performance. Book a no-obligation call to discuss how we can help your business.