€2,000 Voucher to Cover Energy Audit for SMEs

€2,000 voucher to cover energy audit for SMEs . Gallagher Keane Chartered Accountants Ireland
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€2,000 Voucher to Cover Energy Audit for SMEs

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), is encouraging Irish SMEs to take control of their energy use with the launch of a new support scheme. The Scheme will provide SMEs with a €2,000 voucher to cover the cost of an energy audit. An energy audit identifies tailored energy saving opportunities that can save businesses up to 30% on their energy bills and help to reduce their climate impact. The audit will also assess whether renewable energy technologies are a viable option for their business.  

Eligibility for The Scheme

To be eligible, SME applicants must: 

  • Be registered in Ireland with the facility to be audited located in Ireland.  
  • Spend at least a €10,000 per year on energy.  
  • Have fewer than 250 employees. 
  • Have an annual turnover of less than a €50 million or balance sheet of less than a €43 million.  

Vouchers will be awarded to SMEs who will use it to pay the SEAI registered auditor, once the audit is completed. Only auditors registered with the SEAI can claim the cost of the voucher from SEAI. SMEs from all sectors and public bodies are encouraged to apply. SEAI recommends that SMEs contact their nominated auditor in advance, to ensure that the voucher will cover the cost of their audit. For more information visit Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.  

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