Five Strategies for Business Owner Time Management

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Five Strategies for Business Owner Time Management

Finding enough time is a challenge for many business owners. There seems to never be enough time to get everything done, especially when you are taking on multiple roles to run your business. It can be stressful to feel like you are moving from task to task and feel like you are not getting enough ticked off the list. We have outlined five strategies to help business owners make the most of their time. 

Five Strategies for Good Time Management

Track Your Time

Running a business can mean jumping from task to task. Often at the end of the day it can be difficult to recall where your time went and what tasks you completed. To overcome this frustrating pattern, it is important to take notice of where your time is going. Taking note of each task type and colour coding them for two weeks can provide a good insight into where your time is being spent. This will highlight which tasks take up most of your day, allowing you to assess whether those tasks are relevant to your job. There are plenty of online tools which are available to help you track your time.  

Find Easy Solution for Tasks

Finding the easiest and most efficient way to do certain tasks can save you time as a business owner. Delegating tasks, collaborating with your team, or using outsourced services can help you save time, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.  

Feign Ignorance

It is important for business owners to listen more and ask their colleagues questions in order to grow. Allowing colleagues to develop their own solutions or collect information to foster better conversations, can lead to a reduced workload and more space to respond, creating an impactful leadership presence as business owner.  

Batch Tasks

It is said to take twenty-five minutes for the brain to click into a task, so creating a presentation between zoom calls and emails will not help you dig into the job. Successful business owners take the time to confirm priorities for their business, team and make the time to deliver them. Completing tasks in batches will help you improve your productivity.  

Talk About Ways of Working

Everyone has different ways of working. Communicating these preferences within a team will create a better understanding of employee needs and promote collaboration across teams. As a business owner you should encourage your team to discuss what worked well for them during a project and what could be improved in the future. Creating a culture of reflection will help you save time for future projects. 

Implementing Change

Now is the time to build your time management skills by implementing these simple changes. Concentrating on important tasks in a time efficient manner will significantly impact how you run your business, how your colleagues interact with you and improve overall work life balance.