How Lean Practices and Automation Can Transform Your Business

How Lean Practices and Automation Can Transform Your Business
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How Lean Practices and Automation Can Transform Your Business

Many business owners are wary of automation and artificial intelligence, and the impact these have on client relationships. Some business owners feel that it can lead to a dehumanisation of work practices that will cause a poor connection with clients. However, introducing digital practice management and ‘lean systems’ can maximise productivity, streamline processes and grow your business.  

Automation Tools for Businesses  

By using automation tools, you can enable your team to work more efficiently. These tools, combined with a talented team can streamline many internal processes, marketing activities and customer relations processes. We have outlined a list of suggested automation tools that help small businesses operate more efficiently. 

Customer Relationship Management  

Efficiently managing a lead pipeline can be difficult. However, many customer relationship management software’s can make this process much easier to manage. Using the right tools, you can better target your leads, improve customer experience, and manage your sales process. Implementing a CRM allows you to provide your customers with a premium experience, without the extra work. Examples of these tools include Salesforce and HubSpot.  

Social Media Scheduling 

Social media has become a vital part of many business’ marketing efforts, no matter how big or small the business is. Scheduling tools allow you to manage your social media presence across platforms, maintain a personal connection with your customers and stay organised. Scheduling tools allow you to update your channels frequently, ensuring you share frequent updates. Examples of these tools include Hootsuite and Buffer.  

Appointment & Meeting Scheduling 

Scheduling meetings and appointments can be a tricky task with variable schedules and busy customers. An efficient scheduling software simplifies managing your day, helps build trust with customers and makes your business seem more approachable. Using these tools can save you lots of time by avoiding long email threads trying to arrange suitable times. Examples of these tools include HubSpot’s Meeting Booking Tool and Calendly.  

Cloud Accounting Software 

Using a cloud accounting software such as Xero, helps business’ streamline many of their accounting processes. Automated bookkeeping reduces the time business owners spend on manual tasks, provides real-time data, and reduces errors. Automated bookkeeping can pull transaction data from your bank account and credit card accounts and instantly record it in your accounting software. Machine Learning allows you to automatically sort transactions into the relevant categories in your accounting software. It allows you to set up an automated accounts payable system, detecting which email attachments are invoices and review the information. Many accounting software platforms feature built-in payroll automation. Payroll automation features will track employees’ hours, calculate their pay, calculate payroll tax, and generate pay checks. Evidently, streamlining these tasks saves business owners time and allows them to prioritise other activities.   

Gallagher Keane Automated Bookkeeping    

Gallagher Keane maintain their entire practise using cloud accounting software. This allows our clients to access their finance information online to make informed business decisions. Use of cloud accounting streamlines many tasks, saving you time, which allows you to focus on your business priorities. If you are interested in finding out more about Gallagher Keane’s online accounting services, why not book a no-obligation call with us.