Real-time Data with Xero

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Real-time Data with Xero

Understanding Business Performance is An Important Part of Being a Business Owner

Having a clear view of your sales, cash flow and spending, means you are well-informed and can make the best possible decisions as you steer the path of the company. Having a cloud-based accounting software like Xero will help simplify this process, giving you an up to date view of the key information on your business.

Real-Time Insights

Xero’s real time data feature gives insights into business performance at any given time. For the business owner, the Xero dashboard updates in real time, enabling them to get an accurate picture of their business and keep on track of the finances.

  • Sales: Businesses can get insight into their sales throughout the month. If it appears sales are falling short at certain times of the month, businesses can make sales decisions to ensure targets are met.
  • Expenses: Real-Time financials will show you what expenses you are incurring throughout the month to help you better manage cash flow, and tell you what kinds of payments you’ll have to make in the next 30 days.
  • Cashflow: Real-Time reporting will give you insights to allow you to make decisions to ensure cashflow remains strong.

For the accountant advising the business, real-time data enables them to understand what is happening in real time and provide more accurate and more timely advice.

By using Xero, businesses can benefit from anytime access to real-time data, increase efficiencies, and save time. Find out more about Gallagher Keane Cloud Accounting Services. Contact Gallagher Keane for a no obligation call.

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