Ways to Keep Company Culture Alive When Working Remotely

Keeping Company Culture Alive when working remotely. Gallagher Keane Chartered Accountants.
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Ways to Keep Company Culture Alive When Working Remotely

Many organisations spend years developing a company culture of trust, fun and open communications. When entire teams move to remote working, this can become difficult to maintain. Now that employees have adapted to working from home, organisations are looking for ways to ensure the company culture is kept alive. We have outlined ways to help businesses keep company culture alive and thriving whilst remote working.

Tips to Keep Company Culture Alive

Video Updates from Business Leaders

We need human connection when working from home. A great way for business leaders to do this is to record quick video messages or host live video calls with employees. Having informal video updates helps boost employee morale and provides employees with business updates. This helps everyone feel involved in the business, which can be forgotten as people work from their home offices.

Set up Virtual Communities in the Company

Setting up virtual communities help keep colleagues connected and motivated. Whether it is a baking group, online quizzes or a book club, these types of communities help groups find a common ground and provides good conversation starters.  Setting up virtual communities is a fun way to keep employees connected as they work remotely.

Recognise Hard Work & Achievement

When employees are working remotely, they may feel overlooked, overwhelmed, and undervalued at times. Make sure that you continue to acknowledge and celebrate great work. Creating an internal staff awards to recognise those who are going above and beyond, will help employees feel valued and appreciated.

Weekly Townhall Meetings

Get the whole company together for a video call once a week. This is a good way for employees to see the work that is going on with other teams too. These weekly meetings could be informal catch ups too, to ensure everyone is connected and on the same page.

Have Fun

When you think of company culture, it will likely be your people, their work ethic, and the sense of community you have that springs to mind. Leadership teams should create ways for employees to nurture these key aspects of your culture while working remotely. This could be encouraging employees to schedule non-work-related calls to simply have a chat or planning remote group activities outside of work hours. Continuing your work traditions and convivial habits with the help of technology, will keep your culture alive.

Each company has a unique culture. Some cultures just happen as a result of people, leadership and everyday decisions. Great companies are intentional about their culture and knowing what is key to success. Despite other challenges, culture is more important than ever. Its purpose is to keep the team’s spirit high!