What Services Can a Chartered Accountant Provide?

What services can a chartered accountant provide

What Services Can a Chartered Accountant Provide?

Chartered Accountants are members of Chartered Accountants Ireland, Ireland’s biggest professional accountancy body.  

Chartered Accountants

Chartered Accountants are widely recognised as Ireland’s premier business professionals, providing essential strategic guidance, expertise, and consulting across a vast array of business activities and sectors. They have come through a rigorous regime of training and examinations, combined with a strong emphasis on generating deep practical experience. 

Chartered Accountants work as managers, steering businesses in the right strategic direction. They help to solve business problems and implement change that will help them grow. Chartered Accountants report on the financial performance of a business, which aids their decision processes. Chartered Accountants are trusted advisers and provide services to other businesses as a consultant or as a practicing partner.  

Chartered Accountants in practising firms frequently deal with local businesses, small/medium sized companies, personal taxation, investment issues and pensions. 

Services Chartered Accountants Provide

  • Tax Accounting 
  • Auditing 
  • Financial Accounting  
  • Management Accounting  

Why Work with a Chartered Accountant?

Quality Advice for Your Business

Choosing to work with a chartered accountant will provide your business with strong knowledge, skills, and commitment. Chartered accountants are trusted to ensure efficiency and accountability, and help you identify opportunities for growth and advise of strategic direction.  

Regulation and Professional Standards

Many people in business do not realise that the title ‘Accountant’ remains unregulated. However, when you work with a Chartered Accountant this provides peace of mind for you and your business. Chartered Accountant members maintain the highest standard of integrity, professional independence, and confidentiality. Chartered Accountants are professionally qualified, undertake mandatory professional development and are bound by a code of ethics and professional standards. All members, working either in business or in practice, are subject to regulation by Professional Standards. Professional Standards ensures that the highest standard of professional services is provided by members and member firms by monitoring compliance with the Standards of Professional Conduct. 

Breadth of Experience 

The training of a chartered accountant places a unique emphasis on generating experience from a wide range of business areas and client companies. Qualified chartered accountants gain valuable experience which provides them with strong skills and insights which your business can benefit from and leverage these skills.  

Trust and Integrity

Chartered Accountants are bound by a code of ethics to uphold the highest professional standards. This means that chartered accountants will put their client’s interest before their own, helping your business reach its full potential. 

Act as a Mentor and Advisor

Your accountant will help business owners sustain and grow their businesses, as well as protect the business and manage risks. An accountant has experience working with many businesses who face similar challenges and problems, which can be applied to other businesses, providing valuable solutions.  

Gallagher Keane Chartered Accountants

Gallagher Keane are members of Chartered Accountants Ireland, Ireland’s largest professional accountancy body. Our team of expert accountants provide high quality and tailored services to our clients, helping you to reach your full business potential. If you have any queries in relation to our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out how we can help you achieve business brilliance.