How Can Your Accountant Help With a Mortgage Application?

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How Can Your Accountant Help With a Mortgage Application?

One of the most common queries we get asked by our clients is to assist them with their mortgage application. If you are a self-employed Director or a Sole Trader, every bank will ask you for the following information. All the information below should be provided by your accountant:

  1. Current up to date Tax clearance certificate from Revenue
  2. A letter from you accountant confirming that both the business and personal tax affairs are up to date with Revenue (this is different to the Tax Clearance Certificate)
  3. Chapter 4 Notice of Assessment for the last 2-3 years for you and your spouse/partner (if it is a joint application)
  4. If the mortgage applicant is a sole trader, they will need to provide a full set of Sole trader accounts for the prior 2-3 years and these accounts must be signed by the accountant
  5. If the mortgage applicant is a director of a company. The applicant must present 2-3 years Financial statements signed by the Accountant
  6. The bank will ask directors to provide a Tax clearance certificate for all their relevant companies
  7. Current status of the business and estimated turnover for the next 12 months may be requested if the bank seeks further comfort
  8. Payslips for the last 6 months if you are employed by the limited company
  9. Details of any other loans currently held personally or within the business/company

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An experienced accountant can make a big difference. They’ll guide you through the application and ensure you’ve got all the right documentation. Please reach out to us if you have any question regarding mortgage application.