Send Personalised Invoices Using Xero

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Send Personalised Invoices Using Xero

Xero’s Intuitive Invoicing Software Allows Businesses to Work Smarter

Managing your business using Xero has many benefits. Xero can save you hours each month, using various automated features. Xero’s invoicing features have many benefits that can help make running your business easier, and help you get paid faster! 

Xero’s invoicing software allows businesses to send invoices from a phone or desktop as soon as the job is done. The invoicing experience Xero provides, allows for a better user experience, is more efficient and allows increased flexibility.  

Invoicing Features

  1. Customise your Online Invoices: Create and send professional style invoices. Xero gives businesses the ability to add their logo and make them unique to your business. Businesses can create one or more invoice layouts, which allows the ability to add a standard message or insert various fields.  
  1. Accept Payments Instantly: This makes it easier for customers to pay straight away from online invoices.  A ‘Pay Now’ button can be added to online invoices, allowing for one click payments.  
  1. Set Automatic Reminders: Give customers an extra nudge and save time chasing payments. You can choose how often you would like to send payment reminders. Reminders can be sent before or after payment due dates.  
  1. Send Invoices from Your Phone: Stay on top of your business with the Xero app on your phone or tablet. This allows you to access your account anywhere at any time and identify what is owed to you. The Xero app allows you to easily add new customers when you need to send invoices. The app allows users to see if a customer has viewed your invoice too.  

The Xero invoicing experience provides an intuitive and easier to use invoicing process, which saves time for business owners. The ability to create automated workflows saves even more time and effort, allowing you to run your business more efficiently. 

Gallagher Keane maintains its entire practise using Xero Cloud Accounting software. If you are interested in finding out more about using Xero please get in touch.  

Click here to book a no obligation call to discover how using Xero can save you time and help run your business more efficiently.  

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